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The new Tier System shouldn’t bring you to tears this Christmas

As we get closer to the holiday season it looks more and more likely we will have some restrictions in place this Christmas.  Tiers, Rule of 6, Socially Distanced – the different rules go on, but just because Christmas will be different doesn’t mean you still can’t make it special.  Get creative, step out of your comfort zone, have fun, and treat yourself! Here are some ideas to make your Virtual Christmas memorable.

For families of 6 or less

This could be your favourite Christmas yet!  Forget spending time stuck in traffic visiting distant relatives or finding the perfect gift for the Secret Santa gift exchange at one of your many groups – just relax and enjoy the season with your nearest and dearest.  Keeping in the spirit of the season, perhaps you can find ways to be more charitable as a family – donate food and gifts to local family charities, clean out wardrobes and donate to homeless shelters, or simply reach out within your community to see who is in need.  So when Christmas day comes along you and your family can just light a fire and spend the day in your favourite Christmas PJs, watching films or playing board games, and perhaps start a new family tradition.  And if you really want a stress-free day, consider our 3-course Bronze Christmas Menu.  No big food shop and no messy kitchen so you can have a stress-free Christmas Dinner and get back to your relaxing day.

For large extended families

For those that are used to a big Christmas Party with family travelling from far and wide to celebrate the season together, this year you may not be able to be together but that doesn’t mean you can’t do things together to make the season just as memorable.  How about a Christmas Bauble exchange so everyone can decorate their trees with a little something from their loved ones?  Go above and beyond on the traditional Christmas cards – write a letter detailing your family adventures and what you’re thankful for in 2020.  Play online games together like Words with Friends so every generation can participate.  And of course on Christmas Day, go virtual and video chat throughout the day.  Although you can’t be at the same table, doesn’t mean you can’t eat together.  How about our Silver Christmas Menu providing a delicious 3-course meal sure to appease the entire family as well as some before and after nibbles to keep the Zoom party going! 

For Corporate Christmas Parties

The traditional Christmas Party is that special get together that colleagues look forward to every year and is a nice way for companies to show their appreciation for a year of hard work.  2020 has certainly challenged all of us and we could all use a good party.  Just because you can’t rent out a venue, put some money behind the bar, and say thank you to your team during one of the bands breaks – doesn’t mean you can’t show your gratitude. Go Virtual and look beyond your basic Zoom or Teams video call.  We recommend EVENTMIND with 5 years of hosting large scale virtual events, they know how to take your virtual Christmas Party to the next level. And of course you can splash out with our Gold Christmas Menu – 3- course meal, befores and afters, and drinks! The price per head is still more affordable than renting a venue, decorating, catering, and entertainment!  Make it fun with department games, Best Plating contests with each course, and what about an award for the Best (Worst 😉) Christmas Jumper!  If you had something a little more low-key in mind, we would be happy to work with you on a custom package sure to please your team and have them looking forward to 2021.

Any questions? Contact our team to see how we can help make this Christmas memorable - or +44(0)203 733 2303