One Fine Dine

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Proud of our sustainability focus

Traditionally we have been led to believe that anything in the luxury market tends to be over packaged with the focus more on consumer experience rather than social and environmental responsibility.  Only in recent years has there been a really push towards sustainability, environmentally friendly goods, and reducing carbon emissions.  While not all of the luxury market has jumped on board, the high end hospitality industry is certainly leading the charge.  Celebrity chefs and cooking shows have shed a light on the importance of locally and sustainably sourced protein, dairy and produce.  There has also been a huge increase in demand for vegetarian and vegan dishesfor patrons that choose an animal-friendly lifestyle and for those that want to reduce their meat intake for both health reasons and to decrease the demand for mass farming.  And all of these efforts support the importance of seasonality and artisanal craftsmanship. 


Since the beginning One Fine Dine and its sister company On Air Dining made a commitment to its customers to only use the highest quality, locally and responsibly sourced products.  As a small business, it is our privilege to work with local farmers and other small businesses to procure the freshest, highest quality, and responsibly sources products on the market.  We feel that we not only have a responsibility to our customers to provide the highest quality cuisine, we have an obligation to the planet to do what we can with regards to using organic and responsibly sourced products, not including any endangered animal products on our menus, as well as using environmentally conscious packaging.


It is on that note, that we are proud to announce that 100% of our packaging is now compostable or recyclable – completely free of single use products.  This has been a project near and dear to our CEO, Daniel Hulme’s heart and it has taken over three years to source and test packaging that is food safe, transports well, and can be used in both microwaves and ovens. 


Your order will arrive in a fully recyclable box.  The Chill Liner is made of 100% post-consumer waste that keeps food safely chilled for 48 hours and can be recycled after use.  The paper containers are completely compostable and made from 95% post-consumer waste.  These amazing containers are safe in ovens up to 220’ and microwaves, and won’t deteriorate effecting food quality or leak and make a mess in your refrigerator.  And the ‘plastic’ containers, bags, and pots are made from sugar cane and 100% compostable. So not only are you experiencing a fabulous fine dining experience at home, there is no messy kitchen to clean up and all of the packaging can be easily recycled or added to your compost.


Our commitment to sustainability the environment has always been at heart of our company’s ethos.  We continually look to improve the way we operate and how we impact the environment.  Next up – electric refrigerated vehicles for our home deliveries!