One Fine Dine

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Daniel Hulme, founder of One Fine Dine tells us: ‘As the UK plans for the big British staycation, I wanted to ensure that gourmet food was still very much on the menu, we deliver nationwide, reaching all corners of the UK, so our partnership with Bloomsbury Estates was a no-brainer.  Connecting the very finest in UK properties with our first-class dining experience made perfect sense.’
With so many of us having staycations this summer, why not give yourself the ultimate treat and let someone else do the cooking for once? One Fine Dine will send an extravagant and delicious three-course meal straight to your holiday let. Just heat up in the oven, get creative with your plating and enjoy.

One Fine Dine has been cooking up a storm during the pandemic. Which means that its founder and CEO, Daniel Hulme, 40, should have a smile on his face. And he does.

Demand has gone through the roof.

The company has pivoted from providing in-air dining for private jets to a pandemic-era fine dining service delivered nationwide.  For even greater convenience, it has partnered with luxury holiday lettings company Bloomsbury Estates to offer fully catered packages.
Eating at 35,000 feet has a somewhat dodgy reputation. Trays full of frigid food – or meals so overheated they burn your mouth – are anticipated more to dull the boredom of the long-haul flight than for any expected pleasure from the meal. I have lost count of the number of chicken curries I have eaten from a foil container. Those whose purse enables them to travel by private jet do not share these disappointments of mass catering with their fellow citizens. Luckily for them, their food derives from quite a different kitchen – that of On Air Dining, a company providing catering for executive and private aviation. Now, courtesy of sister company, One Fine Dine, the very best of in-flight dining can be enjoyed on terra firma. One Fine Dine is an elite at-home catering service that delivers gourmet meals to your home.  CEO Daniel Hulme writes that this cuisine has been served to heads of state, global business leaders and celebrities. Now I get to eat it in my garden.
Sean Russell and his housemate had a One Fine Dine food box at home and found that perhaps this could be the answer to bad food at dinner parties – why not have a luxury, professionally cooked meal instead?
Daniel Hulme set up One Fine Dine in 2020 after spending years catering for private-jet flights, with the intention of delivering intricate, top-end dishes around London (and just outside) – they would simply need a little tweaking and heating before plating up. 
When it comes to preparing home-cooking kits for any and all occasions, One Fine Dine are the absolute masters. Having started life preparing food for private jet flights, they have now turned their considerable skills to home entertainment, and when served at an altitude of just 3ft, their meals are even better. 
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