Enrico Cerea at Tosca, Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

The first time I dined at Tosca was back when the Ritz Carlton had first opened. Unfortunately it was a most disappointing meal. The setting and décor are very beautiful with spectacular view over the harbour from the 107 floor. However the staff proved to be unprofessional. The vongole is too al dente and salty to annyone’s liking and lacks intensity and complexity of flavor.

This week, we decided to give Tosca a chance to redeem himself. A few changes were made since our last visit with a new 2 Michelin star Chef Pino Lavarra installed as the new Head Chef.

Tonight, we attended a special dinner hosted by the talented 3 Michelin Star Chef Enrico Cerea from Da Vittorio restaurant in Italy. Da Vittorio is a three Michelin star restaurant located in Brusaporto, which is a suburb to a wonderful town Bergamo. The restaurant specialises in fish and seafood.

Highlight of the evening is the tuna spaghetti with a bagna cauda sauce. The dish is a perfectly seasoned tuna with sublime light taste sauce, a really delightful thing to eat. I doubt that this take on the classic dish could be significantly improved upon and why not more chefs try to use fish instead of durum as a type of pasta.
At the end of the meal the chef came to chat with us and we were given a Italian hospitality and lesson on taste sensations. Overall a very enjoyable evening with Signor Cerea however our original verdicts stands with Tosca.





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